Working Group: Networking

The working group is focused on networking not just within WFURS but also within research and industry, it also includes networking within conferences and publications.

The main objectives of Networking group as defined in Bylaws, 2015:

  • Identify new minerals, mining or sustainability education initiatives/needs in developing regions
  • Identify universities on resources to join WFURS (consideration of age/gender profile; representation from developing regions; etc.)
  • Develop WFURS presentation and flyer to promote the value of the World Forum– to submit to Executive Committee, then on website
  • Establishing industry R&D needs
  • Identifying research strengths/interests across WFURS membership

During the 3rd Wordforum Meeting in 2015 in Japan, Akita, Y. Watanabe from Akita holded a presentation.

During the 2nd Worldforum Meeting in 2014 in Austria, Silvia Rosas presented Latin America Sustainable Resource Development Academy (LASRDA), as example of shared Practices in Education on Sustainability.

After the 1st Worldforum Executive Committee Meeting the Discussion Paper on Networks and Networking was prepared by Joerg Matchullat in 2013.

The very first workshop on Networking happened in 2012, Kick-off-meeting.